Services - package/git repo

Based on Gitea, is a self-hosted git repository service. It is mainly used for hosting the public package repository, but also hosts code and CI services for non-public plugins.

The service is running on OVH servers in the EU. Supplementary services:

  • S3 storage by DigitalOcean (Germany)

  • PostgreSQL database by DigitalOcean (Germany)

  • DDoS protection by Cloudflare (Global)

  • DNS by Cloudflare (Global)

  • Mass mail delivery by Mailjet (Germany)

  • Backup storage by Backblaze B2 (EU) - documentation

Based on Antora, is a self-hosted documentation service. It is used for hosting the documentation for all InvenHost services, as well as the documentation for all public plugins. Due to the architecture of Antora, documentation for 3rd party plugins could also be included if the builder has access to the source repository.

The service is running on Cloudflare Pages on their global compute, using their global CDN, DDos and DNS services. Supplementary services:

  • code hosting by GitHub (Global) - analytics

Based on Umami, is a self-hosted analytics service running on a private cluster in the EU. It is used for privacy-respecting tracking of all InvenHost services.