How To’s

How to set required number of approvers

To set the minimum number of approvers required to finalise an approvals you can use the global setting APPROVAL_MINIMUM_APPROVERS.

  1. You need a user with superiser privileges

  2. Go to the global settings page

  3. Navigate to the plugins section

  4. Select the Approval plugin

  5. Set the APPROVAL_MINIMUM_APPROVERS to the number of approvers you require. This must be a full number greater than 0. The setting is evaluated after reach update to the approval (edit, addition of decision, etc).

How to set a custom name for a approval

By default approval names are generated automatically if no name is provided. This can happen for example if a Purchase Order is issued and approvals for purchase orders are activated. To set a custom name you can create the approval before the purchase order is issued via the approval panel. 1. Open the purchase order (which is not issued yet and has no approval open) 2. Click on the Approvals panel on the left side 3. Hover over Start Approval and enter name 4. Click Start Approval

The approval will now be created with the name you provided.

How to request an approval by a user

It is possible to request an approval by a user. This can be useful if you want to request an approval by a user who is not part of the responsible group and did not receive a notification therefore. 1. Open the record you want to request the approval for 2. Click on the Approvals panel on the left side 3. Hover over Request Approval and select the user you want to request the approval from 4. Click Request

How to allow a group to view/modify approvals

By default only superusers are allowed to view and modify approvals.

If you want to allow a group to view and modify approvals or approval decisiosn you can use the Permissions panel in the plugin settings for inventree_approval.

Giving a group the permission to change approvals does not remove the safeguards around modifying approvals. Once an approval is finalised it can not be modified anymore no matter what.
If you want a group to be able to approve or reject approvals you need to give them the permission to modify approval decisions.